Bustafake is part of the Housakicks Network. A few months ago I wrote a post to determine the points of contacts between housakicks.com and its visitors. I came to the staggering realization that most of my users were looking at my Real Vs Fake posts see post below

Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications

As much as I enjoy doing those side by side comparisons, my objective for creating housakicks was to use my background in mathematics to write sneaker projections. So I decided to create separate website ( Bustafake) that will only feature videos showing you how to identify fake sneakers.  Some of the videos you will see on the site were from other individuals who I highly recommend. Fakes have become harder to detect and as a community of sneakerheads, our goal is to help each other so I will be promoting other folks who have taken precious time out of their schedule to provide us with reliable information we can use to authenticate our sneakers.


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