My Quest for the Historical Jesus After 45 Years

My Quest for the Historical Jesus After 45 Years

In this video interview (which runs over 2 hours) was aired July 2nd live. It is a deep dive with guest host Neal Sendlack (#gnosticinformant), sitting in for Derek Lambert (#mythvision) podcast, as I look back on my 45 year career as a historian. I begin with an assessment of my own background and approach to what scholars call the “Quest of the Historical Jesus, ” namely what do we know about the Jesus of history and how do we know it? This question should be separated from the theological idea of the “Christ of Faith,” or what Christians came to believe about Jesus over the next three centuries after his death. I also respond to listeners questions live along the way.

I have completed 45 years as a university professor of Christian Origins and Late 2nd Temple Judaism as three different universities: Notre Dame, the College of William and Mary, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, for the past 33 years. I am officially “retiring” from this full-time teaching to devote myself wholly to future research, publishing, and archaeological work.

You can read more here–my recent blog post titled “Things to Come,”

Here are some notes from the interview you can download:

I also mention my student David Clausen’s paper on Peter being martyred/buried in Rome, under the Vatican:

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