20 Pairs of DUNKS and JORDAN 1s RESTOCKING for 3 Days Straight

20 Pairs of DUNKS and JORDAN 1s RESTOCKING for 3 Days Straight

20 Pairs of DUNKS and JORDAN 1s RESTOCKING for 3 Days Straight

Today I discussed the numerous Dunk and Jordan 1 restocks that we’ll be seeing on Nike from February 2nd to February 4th. Specifically, mentioned some tips for copping, as well as the name of each sneaker restocking, the retail, date, and even resale predictions. For example, some of these included the Dunk Low Panda, Dunk Low Harvest Moon, Dunk Low Pink Velvet, Dunk Low Reverse Panda, Dunk Low Crazy Camo, Jordan 1 Low Mighty Swoosh, and many more! Good luck!

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All Dunk and Jordan Restock Links:

Day 1 (Dunk Men/Womens)
Dunk Low Harvest Moon: https://bit.ly/3gj6fwh
Dunk Low Light Violet: https://bit.ly/32PmApE
Dunk Low Nets: https://bit.ly/3ogKX71
Dunk Low Panda: https://bit.ly/35EFxMM
Dunk Low W Panda: https://bit.ly/3oesGXT
Dunk Low Reverse Panda: https://bit.ly/34l4UT6
Dunk High EMB: https://bit.ly/3gcUqrE

Day 2 (Dunk GS)
Dunk Low GS Pink Velvet: https://bit.ly/3AUHtfK
Dunk Low GS EMB Spurs: https://bit.ly/3Hjlxx0
Dunk Low GS Camo: https://bit.ly/3IURHPI
Dunk Low GS Lemon: https://bit.ly/3s4efae
Dunk Low GS Nets: https://bit.ly/3rdj81q
Dunk Low GS Recycle: https://bit.ly/34mJmFQ
Dunk High GS All Star: https://bit.ly/3L0BJFA

Day 3 (Jordan 1 Lows, Mids, Zoom)
Jordan 1 Low Mighty Swoosh: https://bit.ly/3AL4bH5
Jordan 1 Low Team Red: https://bit.ly/3ANXmof
Jordan 1 Low Corduroy: https://bit.ly/3gcEHsD
Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke: https://bit.ly/35xbuGF
Jordan 1 Mid Coconut: https://bit.ly/3reGvre
Jordan 1 Zoom Olive: https://bit.ly/3rfoV6v

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