Is Journalism Dead? Megyn Kelly Discusses REAL NEWS, Trump, and Leaving FOX & NBC

Is Journalism Dead? Megyn Kelly Discusses REAL NEWS, Trump, and Leaving FOX & NBC

Few people are more qualified to talk about POLITICS and NEWS MEDIA in America than this week’s guest, MEGYN KELLY.

For the past several years, most of us have watched the stunning transformation of these parts of our society from the comfort of our living rooms. But this week, Megyn gives us a NEWS INSIDER’S VIEW on some of the most high-profile political events and personalities in recent history.

It’s part of a larger look inside who Megyn Kelly is and how she has dealt with being a CHARISMATIC media figure over the past two decades, including dozen years spent at Fox News and later, on NBC’s The Today Show. She remains in the public eye through her current daily podcast on SiriusXM.

During her broadcasting tenure, politics and the news game became FULL CONTACT SPORTS, and Megyn often climbed in the ring to take on heavyweights in bouts that gained her the reputation of asking tough questions and demanding HONEST answers. Perhaps the best known of these was her ongoing back and forth tussles with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Megyn’s CANDID take on the CURRENT STATE OF JOURNALISM will confirm what many of you already suspect. You’ll want to hear what she says about BIAS and how it rapidly accelerated during the Trump era.

You’ll also appreciate her insights about President Trump, the nature of identity politics, and how the public reacts to manipulative news media in and out of their own echo chambers.

On a personal level, Megyn talks about her SUPERPOWER and what she attributes to much of her success. She also offers advice about HOW TO RAISE WELL-ADJUSTED KIDS and what’s worked best for her as a mother of three children.

We spend a fair amount of time on a couple of essential but often overlooked questions in our lives.

Is Megyn happy?

She is.

And what does it take to make her happy?

It’s a simple answer, but much like the rest of who she is, Megyn’s answer is SMART and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART.

As it should be for all of us.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening and learning from Megyn as much as I did.

She remains an INTELLIGENT voice in a lot of important discussions going on right now.

0:00 Intro
1:31 Is journalism completely dead?
2:13 Presidential press coverage & Trump election tension
7:37 Megyn’s debate question to Trump
11:49 Does the magnitude of Megyn’s job put any weight on her?
14:46 Did Megyn ever had Impostor Syndrome?
19:16 What is Megyn’s genius?
24:45 How can we help our kids find what makes them happy?
26:41 Megyn’s experience with Fox & NBC
29:56 Fake homeless couple story
31:23 How to be a better communicator?
34:13 Is Megyn happy & what makes her happy?
42:04 If Megyn can go back & change something what would it be?

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