Why “Fake Skateparks” Are Popping up Everywhere

Why “Fake Skateparks” Are Popping up Everywhere

I’ve noticed more and more of these “fake skateparks” popping up in different cities. This Under The K Bridge “Skatepark” in New York City is the first of it’s kind – it feels like a street spot, but HAD to be made with skating in mind. I mean, there’s smooth ground, coping on the ledges, uncapped handrails, gaps of different sizes, and plenty of run-up. So what is it, exactly? – a street spot? a skatepark? some middle ground (aka a “fake skatepark”)? or just smart/inclusive use of public space that embraces rather than demonizes skateboarders and our love of urban space. My feedback to NYC: this is cool, but next time, how about somewhere that doesn’t smell like sh*t and somewhere that actually feels like a part of society. Copenhagen has it figured out. Watch my Copenhagen vlog here to see what an urban landscape that embraces skateboarding looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3c-qmvE-wM

0:00 Fake Skatepark
3:41 Real Skatepark
5:47 Final Thoughts

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