when a fake high school plays against IMG Academy…

when a fake high school plays against IMG Academy…

One of the most unbelievable football related stories occurred this past weekend when a fake high school named Bishop Sycamore found itself in a matchup being aired on ESPN against IMG Academy. It was a lopsided affair with IMG Academy winning 58-0, but this didn’t seem too outlandish at the time given that they are one of the top high school football programs in the country. However, a few days later it was discovered that Bishop Sycamore is a completely made up school and they lied to ESPN about the amount of Division 1 players on their roster. Furthermore, the school’s official address is a home and it was discovered that the roster was mostly comprised of 19 and 20 year olds. But craziest of all, it was discovered that there is an ACTIVE arrest warrant out for their head coach Roy Johnson for fraud charges. It is hard to comprehend how ESPN could allow this to happen and it is likely that someone will be losing their job because of this ordeal. If there is any details I am leaving out, let me know in the comments. In this video, I showcased some of the lowlights for Bishop Sycamore from this 58-0 beatdown. Enjoy!

Edit: Another crazy detail about this story is that Bishop Sycamore played 2 entire football games in a span of 3 days! They played a game on Friday night and then less than 48 hours later they squared off against IMG on Sunday afternoon. This is extremely dangerous for any football team, but especially for a team that is insanely outmatched.

Edit #2: Former Bishop Sycamore player Aaron Boyd has spoken out and given some troubling details on the dynamic of the team. He admitted there is no campus or form of education and that the team regularly pays hotels with bounced checks. Furthermore, players had to sleep on the floor of hotel rooms and often robbed stores just so they could eat. The more details come out, the more this sounds like a movie in real life. Unbelievable.

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