The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Angelus Paints

The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Angelus Paints

All it takes is proper prep and application!

This video will show you the proper way of applying Angelus paints to shoes, couches, purses and other leather items.
This quick video will help spot common mistakes and will help you gain the confidence you need to dive into customizing.

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – How to Paint Plastic
0:42 – How to Paint Midsoles
1:09 – Customizing Soles
1:35 – How to Paint Canvas and Mesh
2:08 – How to Paint Couches
2:39 – How to Paint Purses
2:55 – How to Paint Leather
3:24 – What NOT to Do
4:37 – Outro

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