Our Friend Was Brainwashed into Hacker PZ9 and He Wants to Fight Us!

Our Friend Was Brainwashed into Hacker PZ9 and He Wants to Fight Us!


Chad, Vy, and Regina just witnessed Melvin and Regina get brainwashed! Suddenly Peter’s Voice comes on over the intercom requesting Daniel, Melvin, and Regina be brought back to Peter’s office. Vy hands Daniel a spy pen and then he must go back to fake being captured. Meanwhile, Chad and Vy must go back to the safe house and get the modified spy ninja noise enhancer. Two hackers come back for Daniel and bring him to Peter’s where he sees Melvin and Regina. Melvin is fully brainwashed and Regina is only brainwashed a little bit. Peters sends Daniel and Regina to get fully hypnotized and sends Melvin off to go train the new recruits. Meanwhile, Chad and Vy see that someone has broken into their house, but they don’t have time to investigate it because they have to go save Daniel, Regina, and Melvin! Back at the warehouse Daniel is up first to get brainwashed and tries to fight back, but right as their about to brainwash him Chad and Vy bust in and manage to save them just in time! They unhypnotize Regina and head to go rescue Melvin. Regina tries to put the modified noise enhancer in his ear and fails! They are forced to retreat and wind up in the armory where their spy gadgets and weapons are being held! However, Daniel comes across the same device that Peter’s used previously to hurt anyone with the noise enhancer in their ear. Daniel tinkers with it, but Peter sees them through the security camera and calls for the hackers to trap them in the room! They get cornered in the hallway and Daniel uses the device to knock out all the hackers. The Spy Ninjas retreat to the tunnel under the stairs only to wind up in an experiment room where they find hackers being tested on! However, while they are looking at that hacker for clues to what Peters could be doing Chad notices that their safe house is showing on the experiment screen! The Spy Ninjas rush back to their safe house only to find that everything in the house is gone!! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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