“Nike Dunk Low Retro” From Dhgate! Review/and on Foot🔥

“Nike Dunk Low Retro” From Dhgate! Review/and on Foot🔥

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Today I will be giving you guys a Review on the Nike Dunk Low Retro from Dhgate.com
And a on foot review.

So in I will give the shoes a 10 they are very similar to the Real ones, and I feel the quality
Of the shoe far as the material holds up very well and they have the exact same design. Only thing the tounge is a tad bit flimsy, but if you wear thick socks it shouldn’t be visible. Other than that, they come with white shoes strings as well.

So shipping took about 4 weeks do you the pandemic and short Air supply, so just have patients.

Also I recommend getting a size up. Because China shoes run smaller than the US.

The seller👉🏾

Open my favorite app! Don’t wait to get more surprises: https://m.dhgate.com/product/air-retro-9-9s-men-basketball-shoes-og-space/399604264.html?invitorid=6VVbIffc&shareToken=2931004AF5E64F13460E2E53A4834C0DFF77280CD831B563D19F84A56B5499BBEB8878763E77A06119746F4E2CC9333CBB5EE83EC417A8B0

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