Is this Gabby Petito’s Van caught on Youtuber’s Camera? READ DESCRIPTION

Is this Gabby Petito’s Van caught on Youtuber’s Camera? READ DESCRIPTION

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We were editing our sunday video, tonight and we were looking at footage from on August 27th, 2021 around 6:00pm to 6:30pm in Spread Creek Dispersed Camping. We had passed by a white van with Florida Plates. We noticed it because we are originally from Florida and wanted to stop and say hi.

When we passed the van, all the lights were off and it didn’t look like anyone was there. We ended up leaving because we couldn’t find a spot.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If you were in the area around this time, check ALL of your footage! You could have some video of her van!!!!!!

Tonight I was editing our video with footage from August 27th 2021 at around 6:00pm from the Grand Tetons area. It was in Spread Creek Dispersed Camping land.

We passed by a white van and both Kyle and I recognized that they had Florida plates (we are from Florida too) and wanted to stop to say hi, but the van was dark and it didn’t look like there was anyone there. So we kept going. We eventually left and parked up front in the gravel area.

Today I got a comment from someone on Instagram saying “please tell your 10k followers about finding gabby!”

I didn’t think much of it, I knew we were in the Tetons area around the 25th but wasn’t sure which day.

Tonight, I was editing our Sunday video and it was of our August 27th footage. I paused my editing and went to lay in bed.

I opened Facebook and saw that @fettisonthemove had tagged me in a story asking me to check all my videos from the 25th-27th of August.

I INSTANTLY got a bone chilling feeling. I leapt up and ran to my laptop. I watched the rest of my footage and sure enough, her van was in the video.

We saw the National Park Service Post an update that they were looking at activity in the Spread Creek Area of the Tetons.

The reason why I am sharing this, is because when we left to go up to the gravel lot, we got a message from someone on Instagram saying they saw us drive through the Spread Creek Area and are now following us, watching our videos. We have our logo on the back of the bus with social media stickers.

I thought that if other people in the area that day saw us and started watching our videos, they may watch this one and realize that they too may have seen Gabby Petito or Brian Laundrie in the area that day and could lead investigators to find Gabby!!

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