How To Spot A Fake Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse

How To Spot A Fake Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse

Visit to see pictures of the sneaker in this video.

This pair of shoes was bought by my teammates while I was out of the office. I am the authenticator, and I haven’t trained everyone on how to capture every aspect of a fake shoe. We typically never get caught slipping, but in this instance one of the guys was excited about picking up the pair at price too good to be true; which should always be your first sign that a sneaker is fake. If it’s selling for 600 on StockX, why would someone sell it for less than that?

Anyway, I go into deep detail on the the immediate problems with this pair of Syracuse Lows. It’s a long video, but I’m including photographs on the site for you to look a bit closer. I hope this helps.

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