How To Restore Air Jordan Bred 4 with Reshoevn8r! Featuring Vick Almighty.

How To Restore Air Jordan Bred 4 with Reshoevn8r! Featuring Vick Almighty.

Vick Almighty is back with another primo restoration! This time it’s on a pair of Jordan Bred 4s. To start off the restoration Vick removes the yellowing off of the midsole, he then cleans the entire uppers using the soft brush that’s included in Reshoevn8rs 3-Brush Advanced Sneaker Laundry System. Moving directly to the outsoles, showing off some impressive before and after work from the Reshoevn8r Stiff Bristle Brush. Vick then puts them in the sneaker laundry bag before dropping them in the washing machine and uses our Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry Detergent to finish removing the remaining dirt and stink. Once dry, Vick does some prep taping off certain areas before using Dad’s Easy Spray to remove the midsole paint. Then sands down a few areas to ready for a repaint. Using an angular brush, he lays down a fresh coat bringing these 4s closer to that fully restored look. To finish things off, he uses some acetone and cotton balls to remove any remaining scuff and seal up his excellent work with some matte finish.

Thanks for watching Vick Almighty do his thing! Be sure to let us know how you think this resto turned out in the comments below!

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Reshoevn8r products used in the video:
• 3 Brush Sneaker Laundry System:
• Sneaker Laundry Detergent:
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl:
• Micro Fiber Towel:

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