(Gifted) Unboxing Nike dunk Low “Black and White”+(OnFoot)Review

(Gifted) Unboxing Nike dunk Low “Black and White”+(OnFoot)Review

welcome back y’al I got another video for you guys today im going to be showing y’all the “black and White” Nike dunks now this pair came out on March 10th for the retail price of $110 with a smooth black tumble leather and white midsole along with black bottom sole this pair is a basic dunk to wear on a daily basis you can find this pair on Stock X and GOAT.

Now I do not condone selling , Reselling any B grade shoes as retail this is only for educational purposes Im not here to tell you what to do with your money you can do anything you want with it you are entitled to anything you see fit.

for information, you can hit me on instagram @Bino_1999est for more information.

Stock X:https://stockx.com/nike-dunk-low-retro-white-black-2021

GOAT: https://www.goat.com/sneakers/dunk-low-black-white-dd1391-100


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