EP 7 | Real vs Fake | The Most Expensive Fake yet….

EP 7 | Real vs Fake | The Most Expensive Fake yet….

You wouldn’t believe the differences between the real and fake pair!?

In this Episode we review the ridiculously rare and hyped Nike Mars Yard Tom Sachs 2.0 and give you the insight you need to identify the difference between the real and the decent fake. These cost over £3500+ and can reach upwards of £10,000 so you need to know what you’re looking out for if you’re going to be buying these from an unreliable source. Plus we have yet another giveaway at the end of the video so watch all the way through to see how to enter.

If you are going to be spending all that money and expecting an authentic pair, make sure you are buying from a reliable source like Klekt to guarantee authenticity. Safe, Secure and Easy.

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