Air Jordan 5 WINGS Review (AV2405 900)

Air Jordan 5 WINGS Review (AV2405 900)

It’s been a long time since the Air Jordan 5 released the WINGS colorway (Product Id: AV2405 900) and just about as long since I put my eyes on them. But that ends today. One day I’ll have to wear them, but we’re just gonna take this step by step and the first step is the review. So, here we are…

There’s a bit of insight on exactly what the WINGS program is and a little about the Little Black Pearl organization as well so I suggest watching the whole video. Its only 7 minutes long…you could watch it while you boil an egg or something maybe? Do a set or two of bicep curls? Or just pay full attention to me the whole time… And while not a key part of the review, there is a bit in there about other people that are helping the kids such as Sneaker Heartz of Chicago and El Generico of Tinjuana through Los Angelitos De El Generico. They’re doing their part. Are you?

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This video was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and edited in Adobe Rush


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