Vick Almighty #RESTORES Air Jordan 1 Royal Blues using #RESHOEVN8R

Vick Almighty #RESTORES Air Jordan 1 Royal Blues using #RESHOEVN8R

In this restoration, Vick Almighty will work on a pair of FILTHY Air Jordan 1 Royal Blues. Vick begins the restoration of this iconic shoe by removing the laces and entering a Reshoevn8r Shoe tree to help reshape the shoe. Now its time to start cleaning with Reshoevn8r’s 3-Brush Sneaker Laundry System. Vick kicks off the cleaning using the Soft Bristle Brush and Reshoevn8r Ultimate Cleaning Solution on the entire shoe removing the grime and dirt from the surface of the shoe. After scrubbing, Vick lets the suds soak on the shoe before moving on to the Medium Bristle Brush the Stiff Bristle Brush. The shoe is now ready for the wash, Vick puts the shoe in a Sneaker Laundry Bag and pours Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry detergent on top of the shoe. He then puts the machine on a regular cycle with cold water.

Now that the shoe is clean, Vicks next step is to try and reverse the yellowing from the outsoles with salon care 40 and letting it sit in the sun. After the outsole is in good shape, Vick shifts his focus to prepping the shoe for a reglue and repaint. This step involves removing paint and old glue with acetone and cotton balls as well as sanding to smooth out certain areas of the shoe. Once done with the prep work, Vick successfully reglues the entire toe box. To get rid of creasing, Vick uses the ironing method. Now its time for paint, Vick paints the shoe with a shade of blue he mixed himself as well as black paint. Vick puts the finishing touches on the shoe with a matte finish.

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