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I Bought The MOST EXPENSIVE REPLICA AIR JORDAN 1 TRAVIS SCOTT, THIS Is What I Got… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txrZH1ZKqX8

Sneaker replicas have become a problem. Like really getting into the mainstream light and costing more than the authentic pairs at retail. The fakes are so close to the authentic that I am positive people are tricked into buys fake pairs thinking they are real. We have heard authenticators like StockX and Goat have been stung authenticating fake pairs as real, sending back real pairs as fake, and even sending back the wrong pairs to sellers who’s pairs have been denied. The problem with the open market is obvious. Fake pairs Costing $210 shipped WITH StockX tags (that are fake, signed by Josh Luber the CEO). Then Seller are being shady, reselling the fake pairs as real pairs via ebay, facebook groups, sneakercon, etc, and many times people post prices that are just low enough to get you interested. I am betting some of the fakes are now excepted as real. With resale over $1500 now on the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Retro High, you can see why this is an issue.

Someone paying $200 for Fake Jordan 1s, selling them for $750, Profiting $500 a pair, meanwhile the buyer was duped into the sale thinking it was a steal, instead was a fake.

Lets just say you are an educated sneakerhead though, and want to buy a pair of fakes because $200 is a better deal than $1500, and you DON’T CARE that they are fake? Well think again before you buy. As I called out in this video, I have had my credit card stolen immediately after using to try and buy a fake pair of sneakers. As a result I had to shut the card down and file fraud reports. The other major risk is the chinese website sellers do not have an official site, and make YOU PAY for the Air Jordan fake sneakers before they ship them! Thats right, if you Western Union these sites, they have 100% no reason to actually send you shoes since you just gave them money without a real transaction.
Also noted, these sites get shut down by Nike / adidas all the time, when you go back to track your order and the site is shut down, you will probably be out your $200 and no product shipped. Definitely a RISKY BUSINESS.

In summary, as I have said the last 7 yrs, the SNEAKER BRANDS need to do better! They need to create an authentic experience that cannot be imitated, and can make the fans consume with confidence.

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