Let’s Legit Check Some Nike Off White “Rubber Dunks University Blue” Colorway #KikSquad #StayFRSH

Let’s Legit Check Some Nike Off White “Rubber Dunks University Blue” Colorway #KikSquad #StayFRSH

Hello Everyone! Thanks for watching my video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel. My plan is to post 3 videos a week. 🔔🚨🚨In this video, I’m Giving you a detailed In Hand Review of The Nike Rubber Dunk Off White “University Blue” if you’re looking to legit check your off White’s this is the video for you 🔔🚨🚨Enjoy! And remember, live life because We All Blessed 🤙🏾

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