(Gifted) Jordan 4 Travis Scott Comparison

(Gifted) Jordan 4 Travis Scott Comparison

kickz4dayz1 was so nice they gifted me this pair of Jordan 4 cactus jack

JEANS: https://hyperdenim.com Code: COLOCULTURE
BEST LACES: Rope laces http://www.ropelacesupply.com?aff=14
BLACKLIGHT: https://amzn.to/2MbCLBz

TIKTOK @coloculture
IG @coloculture @colo_kicks

This video is only to educate you on how a UA version looks in detail. This video is for educational purposes only. I do not condone the selling or resale of “Unauthorized Sneaker” or “Replica” shoes. Please enjoy! Thanks for the love!”

Music: @saikibeats

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