CHINESE NEW YEAR Jordan 6 (Early’ish LOOK)

CHINESE NEW YEAR Jordan 6 (Early’ish LOOK)

Yo! Whats Good SneakerFam!!

So today ill be showing you guys Another AJ 6 which is inspired by Chinese New Year.

Last year we had the AJ 12, This year is the 6 😀
& Of course you guys can imagine my Thoughts… DOPE!!

Honestly guys, When i first saw this, I fell in Love! ALOT of people hated straight away, Some still do.

Its like Marmite, You either Love them or Hate them!

So these have already released in Eastern Asia act, But release Worldwide on the 1st of Feb

Whats your Thoughts? Let me know down in the Comments

Also, Ill be doing my UPDATE of my Jordan 6s… Gunna be CRAZYYY 😀

Mark – @Nineteen.85

Alan – @Fooey88

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See you guys in my next video..


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