fake air jordan 11 low white bred

How To Quickly Identify The Fake Air Jordan 11 Low White Bred AV2187-160

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Once again, the replica industry is ahead of schedule, they’ve already released their version of the Air Jordan 11 low white bred. I couldn’t tell you by looking at mere pictures that I’ve come across that they were fake. So the best way to avoid being taken advantage of is to follow the tips below. It’s utterly impossible these days to authenticate a shoe without the backdrop on an authentic pair, however there are still precautionary measures that can be taken.

1. Release Date

The Jordan 11 low white Bred’s official release date is April the 20th of 2020, so anybody selling it earlier than that date is probably selling carrying fakes ( see this eBay listing below as an example). But that’s not always true for every case as I stated in the post below

Nike And Early Release Sneakers | A New Twist To The Story

fake air jordan 11 low white bred

As you can see in the picture above, eBay is already polluted with a fake pair and I’m sure more will pop up in weeks to come. The seller is asking as much as $375 for this replica that was probably purchased for under $100.

2. Ask for a receipt to check out the provenance of the shoe you’re purchasing. ( but even receipts can be duplicated these days). But if the seller fails to provide one, then do not continue with the purchase.

These are just quick things you can do, but fakes have become so good that it requires more than just the screening process above to identify them. Now let’s go to more practical things you can do ( let me share some specific angles from the pictures I came across to help you).

fake air jordan 11 low white bred 1


The production dates above ( 9/18/2019-11/01/19) is too early, the shoe doesn’t release till April the 20th. I’m not saying that production can’t be this early but chances are it isn’t. So if you see any seller with a production date similar to the one above, stay away from it.

fake air jordan 11 low white bred 2


The ink used is cheap and will come off as soon as the wearer slips his/her foot in the shoe. Let me show you an example so you can understand what I’m trying to convey



The picture above shows you the clear difference between the logos ( this is a comparison between the fake and real jordan 6 black infrared).




Scan the QR code  ( RED ARROW) with your phone’s camera, it should lead lead you to the Nike’s website( if that doesn’t happen then you’ve probably been sold a fake pair). But here is thing, duplicating the QR code is an easy task but the next piece of information  might be the most helpful tip in identifying the fake pairs.

4. RFID tag



RFID chip; it’s  a unique chip under the label that helps in identifying its provenance. You can also verify it by peeling back the label and observe the antenna & chip concealed underneath. I released the video below to teach you ways to authenticate your sneakers, be sure to watch it in its entirety to understand how important it is.

Here are additional images of the Fake air jordan 11 low white bred, test yourself and see if you can identify any flaws on them.


fake air jordan 11 low white bred 4 fake air jordan 11 low white bred 4 fake air jordan 11 low white bred 4 fake air jordan 11 low white bred 4



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