The Fake Air Jordan 7 Patta Is Out,  Quick Tips To Identify It

How To Identify The Fake Air Jordan 7 Patta

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Air Jordan 7 Patta has been targeted by the replica industry. The shoe is limited, I read somewhere that only 4600 pairs were made but I’ll confirm that later on this week when I write my projection post. I came across a set of bootleg pairs and I wanted to quickly give you some tips to identify them; these real vs fake posts aren’t meant to be the standard for identifying illegitimate sneakers, they are only supposed to be used as a preventive tool to avoid being taken advantage of. I take a considerable amount of time to check for possible flaws, this isn’t something that I take lightly. with that said, here are some of the quick ways to bust the Fake Air Jordan 7 Patta.
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