Fake Air Jordan 6 All Star ASW Chameleon Spotted- Quick Tips To Identify Them

How To Identify The Fake Air Jordan 6 All Star ASW Chameleon

This is one of those comparisons I didn’t want to do because of the complexity of the new breed of fake sneakers. It’s extremely hard to find flaws when the shoes aren’t on hand so it takes an awful lot of time to identify the flaws. The Fake Air Jordan 6 All Star ASW Chameleon I saw were probably one of the best ones in the market ( and I intentionally choose the best fakes so it’s easier to bust the worst ones). I will always remind you of the same thing every time; if the price is too cheap, if the seller claims he has a plug overseas, if the smell of the shoes is really strong ( glue smell), if the craftsmanship is subpar, if the box label looks off then the shoes are probably not legitimate. My comparisons aren’t exhaustive, so study the shoes yourself carefully prior to making your purchase from non retail shops online.

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